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Working on Mans Back and Viewing Spinal XRays

What to Expect...

Be prepared for something different!  When you first arrive at The Spine Worx, you may not even believe you've come to a clinic. We may not be "traditional," but we promise, it's the "right place" to be!

On your first visit, you'll fill out papers in the large and unique reception room.  When you've finished, we'll review the information, and then we will sit down with you to discuss it. Next, we'll then do some traditional evaluation (reflexes, movement, etc.), as well as some high-tech evaluation procedures that will help us identify your problem, such as:

  • Paraspinal Infrared Scanning — To evaluate the part of the nervous system that coordinates internal organ function and general physiology. It's painless, quick, and provides a lot of useful information.
  • Biostructural Analysis — To look at the mechanical loads from head to toe. This helps us figure out a starting point and develop exercise and rehab protocols.
  • X-Rays — So we can see what's going on with the framework inside.

Making a new patient appointment:

The new patient calendar link is only for a new chiropractic patient; 


  • A reservation deposit is required to secure your spot for a new patient time slot
  • Reservations deposits are non-refundable
  • Additional fees may be added for services performed day of visit, see below
  • Read our FAQ's before scheduling 

Do not use the button above if you are an established chiropractic patient that has been in the office in the last 3 years or other scheduled appointments, including: 

MassageExercise, and Functional Nutrition calendars are in their own tabs or click the underlined service.


New Patient Appointment Reservation (non-refundable) $52.00

New Patient Exam $52 (reservation payment is applied to the exam fee)

X-rays $30.00 per view 

Adjustment $20

Acupuncture $20 

Traction $10 

Exercise and Massage are based on time spent 

Durable Medical Equipment varies

Supplements varies